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Our Story


We want homeowners to
feel at home, at home.


Everyone deserves the right to take pride in their homes. It’s our mission to help people love the space they’re in and achieve that in a way that makes sense for their aesthetic, schedule, and budget. We make it our job to help every homeowner feel comfortable taking the leap and necessary steps towards completing home improvement projects like natural born renovators.


Dipt was founded to address the perceptions around doing a renovation, to support those working without a designer, and to provide a simpler and easier option so that anyone can realize their dream space.


“We want our customers to focus on one thing—what inspires them.”

Cameron Farrior (left) and Sean Gold


A better way to renovate for today and the future.


We’re always looking for ways to improve how people are designing spaces and approaching renovations—keeping our hands full so that you don’t have to. As part of our mission to redefine how we renovate, we’re planning some major upgrades to our service.