What does the box contain?

The Pro Box contains small samples of the material types of your choosing (counter top, flooring, hardware finishes etc.) as seen and identified by us in the project inspiration image you upload to us.

A Dipt Picks Box features pre-sourced materials from a rotating curated collection of trending spaces.


How many samples come in my box?

All boxes will contain up to seven (7) material samples.

If requesting samples via the Pro Box image upload, you may select up to seven (7) samples from a list of material type categories (wood flooring, countertop, backsplash, paint colors etc.).

If selecting a box from our Dipt Picks projects, you'll receive all of the materials featured in that image.


How long will it take to receive my box?

Typically all boxes ship within 5-10 business days. However, if placing a Pro Box order, we will need to first verify that we can locate and obtain the samples requested for your project within that timeframe. For more information about the Inspiration Photo Verification Process, please read here.


Can I return the box?

We currently do not accept box returns. Please see Shipping and Returns for more information.


How do I know that the materials I receive in my box are the same materials in my inspiration photo?

Our team of specialists carefully identify and source each material before we package and send them out to you. Learn more about the verification process.


I’m ready to start construction on my project—how do I order the samples I received in my box?

Refer to the next step instructions in the box. Every sample we send has a tag on the back with its manufacturer or retailer, product name, and additional details you’ll need to get in touch to place an order. At Dipt, we can place the order for you and apply trade-only discounts to the cost of materials for your project. Contact us at hello@sampledipt.com for more info.


I'm having trouble uploading my photo.

No worries, we’ve all experienced technical difficulties—you can actually send us your photo using our 24/7 support messenger. Just hit the chat icon floating in the bottom right corner of our site, or email us at hello@sampledipt.com


Can I receive samples from multiple inspiration photos in one box?

Each Pro Box will only carry materials for one corresponding photo.


I didn't receive a verification email after uploading my photo, what should I do?

If you haven't received any email from us after 24 hours of submitting your photo or checking out, send us an email at hello@sampledipt.com.


Do you ship internationally?

We currently do not ship internationally. See Shipping and Returns for more information.


What if I need additional help with the design after I've received my box?

Our team is working hard to develop a more comprehensive design platform to take you from inspiration to construction in just a few easy steps (this includes all of that pesky measuring you’ve been avoiding).

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