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Designed by Emily Henderson

Designed by Emily Henderson


Our process is simple; find the project image that speaks to you from our collection of Dipt Picks—order a box and get samples of the exact materials used in that space delivered directly to you.


Each box comes with information detailing the specs of the material samples you’ve received, so your contractor will have everything they need to get started.

No calling for samples, no perusing the interwebs to find out where and what the materials are, and no design expertise necessary—experienced designers have already put the pieces together. 


DIY? You’re one cut above the rest. 👏

(…but possibly shy about two-elevenths of a centimeter.) 📐


Renovation Ready

All the information you need to order construction materials is provided in each box. Just check the cutsheet for specifications regarding material manufacturers.

Purchase Perks

Renovations can be difficult and pricey. Ok, mostly pricey…so we extend our trade discount to Sample Dipt customers when they order their full run of construction materials through us.

On-Call Support

We’re here to help and always available to answer questions about any projects you’re planning. Use our 24/7 text chat or send us a message.


Particular? Curious? Maybe you’re a cat. 🐈


Whether you’ve already found an image that nails it or you’re curious about some exotic tiling, uploading a photo is the perfect way to start a project.


It's kind of like magic.



Send us a photo of your dream kitchen or bathroom. We unfortunately, don’t accept pictures of kittens.



We find out which materials are being used in your photo, then gather and pack them for shipment.



Receive your custom assortment of materials in 5-7 business days. Renovation...go!