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How It Works


Hello New York City 👋, we're a new and better way to renovate.


Learn how we make your renovation dreams a reality—from renovation strategy
to project support, Dipt has your back and all bases covered.



Schedule an in-home project assessment.


Speak with a Dipt Project Architect about your upcoming renovation. We'll come out to you and discuss your plans on site at your home, for free. Whether you're in the early stages of planning or not sure where to even begin, an in-home assessment is a great place to start.


Get answers to questions about:

Scope of Work
Understand the needs of your renovation—contractor vs. general contractor, plumbing and/or electrical, general construction vs. cosmetic updates.

Budget and Timeline
Review your options and create a projection for the overall costs and timing of your project.

Design and Materials

Tell us about your dream space. We’ll discuss material choices and explore inspiration for your project.

Get a sense of what to expect during demo and how the process will affect your day-to-day life.

Permits and Contractors

Find out if you’ll need approval with the Department of Buildings (DOB). If you’re ready to get quotes, we’ll connect you with specialized contractors in our network.



Match with trusted contractors that fit your renovation profile.


A dedicated Dipt Project Architect (DPA) will meet with you to develop a comprehensive renovation profile and match you with the three (3) top contracting teams for your specific project.


Select two contractors

We ping each team and work with them to build personalized quotes for your renovation.

Meet your matches

We’ll coordinate and handle scheduling for all parties. Just let us know your availability.

Review your quotes

Your DPA is on site for all meetings with potential contractors to ensure that each estimate is reflecting the same scope of work (it's easier comparing apples to apples).


Quality service and professionalism is important to us.

One of the biggest decisions you'll face when planning a renovation is choosing the right team to perform the work. That’s why we get to know and vet each construction and general contracting company before clearing them to do any work for our customers.


Fewer surprises, more guarantees.

We strive to minimize risk and maximize results by pairing homeowners with trusted, skilled, and experienced teams. Our extensive checks and vetting process means you can rest easy when choosing a builder through our Specialized Contractor Network.



Signed. Sealed. And delivered (literally).


Once your construction team is chosen, all parties sign contracts based on the airtight scope of work so that demolition can begin. All the while, your backsplash, paint, countertops, and more are en route.


Ordering and Procurement

The acquisition of materials for your project (tile, flooring, hardware etc.) is known as the “project procurement”. Your contractor will handle any ordering for the renovation and manage your lead time schedule.

In some cases, Dipt handles material orders and will apply trade discounts on your behalf. Ask your DPA for more information.



Start building and get periodic check-ins.

Your Dipt Project Architect conducts inspections and on-site walkthroughs with you and the contractor at three key points of the project. Think of us during these progress points as your official renovation translator.

We check that:

  • All spatial, plumbing, and electrical work meets code requirements

  • The construction process is understood in depth to eliminate any change orders or additional labor

  • The design intent is maintained and adhered to


Assessment Phase

Checkpoint 1 Two (2) On Site Meetings

Your two complimentary quotes are drafted based on your renovation profile.


Construction Begins

Checkpoint 2 80% Completion

Understand the progress of your project as you near the final stretch of construction. Make sure your contractor is meeting your timeline and the demanding renovation schedule. We review all work-to-date, finishes, detailing, and overall project satisfaction.


Checkpoint 3 Final Walkthrough + Punch Lists

We conduct a final walkthrough to review all work and finishings to date. This is a critical moment for your project and requires a keen eye on the details. We’ll spot any discrepancies and make sure they’re addressed by your contractor.



Renovate with confidence.


Support doesn't end with checkpoints. We provide full-service assistance (on site and off) to help eliminate renovation anxiety.


Dipt Support


Something unexpected come up? Don't worry, you're always connected with Dipt Support.

We strive to perfect the renovation process, but not every kink or surprise can be anticipated, so we offer full-service support and assistance for every renovation.

Your assigned DPA (Dipt Project Architect) is your point of contact throughout the renovation—performing all on site walkthroughs and present to answer questions at any point in your renovation journey. You can also request additional site visits and consultations for a small fee if a closer examination is needed.


Build Assurances


Kind of like a tootsie pop, it takes one, two...

The Third Party Sign Off construction contract guarantees that any payment, change order, or invoice issued by your contractor be signed off by Dipt as well. That means your contractor won't work out of scope unless all parties sign off on it. Our contracts are developed specifically with our Specialized Contractor Network using AIA Industry Standards.

We also require that our contractors perform weekly site meetings to review your project’s progress (in addition to the 80% completion and final walkthroughs conducted with your DPA). We're here to make sure you're 100% satisfied with the work completed.


Costs & Fees


So... Dipt is free? 👀 (The short answer is, yes.)

No catch and no hidden fees, just awesome support for kickstarting your renovation. Services are always free for the renovator—our contractors simply pay a project fee for each renovation they’re signed on to.

Beyond our assessments and project support services in New York, we offer Sample Projects nationwide to help homeowners discover and experience materials first-hand.


Still have questions?